21-23.01 Napier’s laws, project progress

On Tuesday 21.01 Mr. Gunn continued his discussion of spherical trigonometry with an overview of Napier’s laws (which arise when an angle or side is a right angle).  He then showed the mathematical animation Not Knot, which builds on the ideas of the video Shape of Space to delve into the hyperbolic structure on a knot complement.  This led to a mention of Scott Kim, who designed the logo for the video.  You can find lots more of his nifty calligraphic inversions on his web site.

On Thursday 23.01 Mr. Gunn complained about two forms of new technology used by the Deutsche Bahn.  He then discussed the evaluation forms he collected on Thursday.  This led him to share memories of another evaluation several decades ago when he first taught a college course; the results were convinced him to give up teaching and seek a programming job.  These memories led him — through the magic of free association — to recount his encounters with two basketball legends, Michael Jordan and Earl “the Pearl” Monroe.  He managed to pull himself out of Memory Lane, however, and spent the rest of the hour presenting an introduction to geometric algebra which he hopes to work up into a short script.

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